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How To Join The Bestest Pals Club?

Joining is easy peasy! Every style of toddler/kid size Pals Socks comes with an accompanying PalsCard. By collecting 10 different PalsCards, you are automatically eligible for the Bestest Pals Club!

Just follow these 3 steps:

1). When you have 10 different PalsCards, simply take a photo with all cards highly visible.

2). You can either email the photo to us at bestestpalsclub@hoorayhoopla.com or message it to us on instagram or facebook @PalsSocks.

3). We will share an invite to the club and get your free pair of Pals Socks over to you!

What Are PalsCards?

PalsCards were invented as a response to demand for an accompanying story to go with their Pals Socks.

  • PalsCards are nifty collectable cards that come free with each pair of Pals Socks
  • Each numbered card has a unique design that specifically accompanies every individual pair
  • Kids can officially give each Pal sock their own name, making it their own
  • Learn how these 2 different Pals met and became besties, demonstrating the joys of having a friend who is not just like you!

Benefits Include

  • Free Pair!
    New toddler/kid size Pals Pair of your choice! (shipping cost applicable)
  • First to know!
    First to get a heads up on our new products, events, and initiatives
  • Your Voice
    Share your opinions with our team, influence what styles and sizes we release
  • Community Access
    A group of good humans raising good humans share good vibes and interests
  • Exclusive discounts, kid’s activities, and offers

Claim your FREE PalsCards From Past Purchases below


Take a photo of your child with all their Pals Socks on


Post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter


Tag us @PalsSocks and use Hashtag #BestestPalsClub. We will contact you and send all the cards for your kids to collect and name their pals!


Want to get to 10 quickly? Take 15% off orders of 5 or more styles with code PALSCLUBNOW 

Let’s be pals and follow @palssocks!

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"Your kid will love these!

Our son loves mixing up different animals, he also plays with and sings about these socks...there are no other socks, or clothes for that matter that he will sing about. All Pals are very sturdy and bright. They add much needed creativity and joy to the difficult socks and shoes process for our family." - Leigh M.

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