PenPals Templates

PenPals Templates

Click here to download + print the October 2021 PenPals letter template! Click here to download + print the September 2021 PenPals letter template! Click here to download + print the August 2021 PenPals letter template! Click here to download + print the July 2021...

The Pals Guide: How To Plan A Stellar Summer Soirée!

Pals has shown kids that exploring the friendship between aliens and robots can make a big bang. But now, we’re encouraging you to explore the final frontier this summer: outer space!!! As you know, Pals has a passion for giving back and right now we’d like to give...

8 Wacky Valentines Kids Will Love (and Yourself)!

Valentines Day is one of our favorite holidays here at Pals Socks. Why? It’s all about candy, #1, and #2, sending out the good vibes. Giving someone a Valentine is a very easy way to say you care. It’s friendly, cheap and fun! So without further ado,...


Exciting news! NOW HIRING: a fun, creative-minded, hard working intern! The intern will help us with sales, marketing, biz development, trade show planning, creative ideas, order packing, anything and everything a small business does to keep the dream alive. If you...

How to make cute Origami Socks!

We at Pals Socks love origami! It’s somehow very stress-relieving.  It’s super cool that someone has figured out how to make almost EVERY shape in existence, with a single piece of paper and ingenious folding! Today happens to be Origami Day, and we wanted...

Ah, fun ideas for a funky family Halloween!

Hello and muahahahahahahaaha <insert evil laughter here>  to all our Pals out there on the interwebs! Hope the descent into the cold weather leaves you with happy hearts, full bellies and cozy mismatched toes. We know you don’t have a...

Fun Family Fall Activities that don’t suck!

We LOVE the Fall here at Pals Socks. It stops being so insanely warm and humid, you can start wearing your flannel shirts again without sweating (and socks of course), but most importantly — all the leaves are so darn pretty and the air is so fresh and...

It’s fun to introduce kids to new ethnic foods!

Burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese. All good and yummy in moderation, but how about trying something not so American and ubiquitous? So many kinds of cultures around the world have SO many wild and interesting flavors. Kids can be open to trying all sort of new foods,...

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