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We get that playing the same games and doing the same activities over and over, not seeing their friends or teachers can get boring for kids– so we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the web and created this list of fun, awesome, unique indoor kids and family activities to help combat boredom and stay entertained! Below you’ll find our top indoor suggestions for activities ranging from virtual field trips, to arts and crafts, to games, along with other fun ideas!

Go Wild (but stay inside)!

Instead of just hanging out around the house, why not have a virtual hangout with animals?

1. Virtually Visit the San Diego Zoo From Your House!

Explore and actually go inside exhibits like the penguins, baboons, koalas, pandas, giraffes, and tigers!

Pssst– wouldn’t our Lion & Zebra Pals socks pair perfectly with a trip to the zoo while staying cozy?

2. Go On a Virtual African Safari From Your Couch!

This live-stream from Kenya shows animals like elephants, hippos, and other wildlife in their natural habitat!

3. Take a Trip Under the Sea!

Virtually visit the Georgia Aquarium! Choose from live streams like the beluga whales, puffins, and otters!


Educational material that is also fun!


Listen to an astronaut read a book while they float inside a spaceship!

PS – our Robot & Alien socks are the perfect pair to wear when daydreaming in outer space!

5. Cool Science Experiments!

Kid-approved scientist Bill Nye shares his favorite fun at-home science experiments. And moms don’t worry, what’s great about these experiments is that everything you need is probably around the house!

6. Get Drawing Lessons With the Creator of Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants” author and illustrator Dave Pikey hosts virtual drawing sessions and read alouds with new videos every Friday.

Museums with Free Digital Entry!

Take a museum field trip thru your screen!

7. The British Museum

Known as the “museum of the world”, the British Museum lets you discover history and cultures from all walks of life! Choose from exhibits like the Egyptians, animals, art, and more! So get your most fav socks on and get ready to take a trip back in time on this virtual field trip!

8. The Louvre

One of the most well known and famous museums in the world, The Louvre based in Paris is allowing you to tour the museum. See masterpieces like the Mona Lisa up close without the crowds!

9. The Smithsonian National History Museum

This giant museum complex based in Washington DC has opened their virtual doors for all to see! With so many exhibits to choose from, the hardest decision is where to start! Tour the Butterfly Pavilion, dinosaur exhibit, or the African elephant exhibit– the possibilities for discovery and exploration are endless!

Pssssst– no trip to the museum would be complete without a visit to the dinosaur exhibit! Wear our T-Rex and Triceratops Pals on your virtual field trip! We also sell Pals in the Smithsonian gift shop 😛

Arts and Crafts Activities

For when it’s time to hit pause on screen time. No computers, phones, or tablets needed– just your imagination and creativity!

10. Rock Painting

Have you heard about Rock Painting (part of the Kindness Rocks Project?) We could all use a little positivity and more colors right now. Collect rocks from your backyard, nature walk and around your neighborhood. Use your imagination to create your own creatures and designs, or paint messages spreading happiness and hope! These kindness rocks were created by one of our fans and they are adorable.

11. Create Some Useful Yet Wacky Tissue Box Monsters

With allergy season, we’re sure you have plenty of tissue boxes laying around the house. Put them to good use and let your imagination guide you when creating your very own tissue box monster! Who wouldn’t want a funk(tional) and funny tissue box during these times?

PS– we think our Zombie & Werewolf Pals are the perfect source of inspiration for your monster creation!

12. Make a Funny Face Flip Book!

Let your imagination run wild and go crazy! This flip book is fun for literally the entire family and the end result will keep your kids entertained and laughing for hours on end!

13. The Famous Artist Challenge

Put your creativity to the test by using what’s around you and try to mimic a famous work of art ! The result is hilarious and super creative. Don’t forget to tag the museums leading the challenge!

14. Color a Giant Coloring Poster As a Family, Together!

Talk about organized chaos. Get the entire family involved with this massive, wacky and eye pleasing food fight poster! Hang it on a wall or lay it on the floor– the choice is yours!

15. Create Your Own Comic Book!

Combine your storytelling and illustration skills when you create your very own comic book! Let your imagination run wild and have fun creating your own characters and worlds!

Indoor Activities You Can Do Yourself

Bring your creativity and watch as the fun unfolds!

16. Easy DIY Kids Indoor Racetrack

Using masking or duct tape, kids can create their very own racetrack around the house for their cars, trucks, trains etc etc to use (hint– the bigger the track, the more cars you can use!)

17. Indoor Camping

All the fun of camping right in your living room! Get creative as you prepare to embark on your indoor camping adventure. Grab some flashlights, play some nature sounds and get ready for a fun night in the great indoors!

BTW– wouldn’t the Racoon & Cardinal Pals be the perfect pair to set the mood for indoor camping?

18. A Totally Safe and Totally Awesome Low Stakes Laser Maze!

Using string or crepe paper, create your own laser maze by taping the string/paper along the walls of a hallway and have fun trying to navigate your way through it! No body parts will be cut off or any alarms sounded is an added bonus.

19. Turn Your House Into the Site For a Good ‘Ol Treasure Hunt

This does require set up and planning from the parental units. But if you have time and creativity, you can create a treasure hunt using a map with clues and hide objects around the house. Watch as your kids run around trying to find the missing treasure and find all the clues along the way!

Pssst– our glow in the dark Ghost & Skeleton Pals are the perfect pair to accompany your kids on a pirate themed treasure hunt!

Cool and Wacky Toys and Games

For when you need a break from your screen– goods times guaranteed!

20. The Boredom Box, $40

Give boredom the boot! Gather round the table and bring the fun for a good old fashioned family game night!

21. Vote For Women Puzzle, $16.99

This 64 piece puzzle shows off all the awesome, brave women who contributed towards the women’s rights movement. Learn about the different women who helped secure the women’s right to vote as you put this puzzle together!

22. Fun Colorful Blocks, $26.95

Get ready for hours of entertainment and fun with these modern blocks that look like stained glass ! Explore color, light, and sound while you stack or combine different blocks!

23. Beagle or Bagel, $12.99

This silly game of optical illusions is loads of fun! Get ready for lots of giggles while you try to decide if it’s a beagle or a bagel!

24. Outfoxed!

Get ready to play the role of detective when ruling out suspects and tracking down the thief in this fun mystery game!

Fun Activities!

Videos and music that make you feel good and get you moving!

25. Cosmic Yoga Via YouTube

Need some time to chill-out? Cosmic Kids offers colorful and fun yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation videos designed and created for kids aged 3+

26. GoNoodle

GoNoodle offers fun videos developed specifically for kids to get you moving and staying mindful!

27. Say Goodnight With Dolly Parton!

Country singer, icon, amazing human being Dolly Parton is creating a welcomed distraction for kids with her new weekly series and aptly named “Goodnight with Dolly”. Over the course of ten weeks, she will read different children’s books in hope of lifting spirits and spreading happiness!

28. Staying Pawsitive at Home

Who wouldn’t want to teach their cat how to high five? Bond with your furry pal and teach them all kinds of cool tricks via this fun YouTube video.

PS– Our Cat & Dog socks are the perfect Pals to wear when teaching your cat new tricks!

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