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Hannah here, the creator and founder of Pals.

As a reminder, we are not just peddling cute socks. Pals was created to stop hate and racism. The thinking was, if kids (the future leaders of tomorrow) loved the idea of having different kinds of friends, our planet would be a more friendly, more fun place to exist. 

So. Of course we have been ramping up messages of support for the Black and Brown community. Sadly, the issue of human rights is now political. After we posted that Black Lives Matter, Pals lost HUNDREDS of followers!!!! Wow. I truly thought that fans of Pals would get it. BUH BYE THEN! Now is time to truly look inside yourself, gather some empathy to the situation, and help make equality a national priority.

Starting to talk with kids early will help grow good humans but also get parents more comfortable discussing the uncomfortable subject of race because being colorblind is not helping solve racial issues. Below, you’ll find children’s books that are a good starting point in talking about race or continuing a discussion about race. Plus, a few black-owned businesses Pals likes that could use your support.

Diverse Books to Help Kids Understand Racism

Now more than ever, it is important to talk to kids about race and racism. Pals are a great way to start conversations about friendship and differences, but here are some children’s books that are an excellent way to continue the  dialogue. Below, you will find our top picks on children’s books on the topic of race along with some black-owned bookstores to purchase from!

The Snowy Day

Ages 0-3

While this book does not directly tackle racism as it’s for younger pals, it is a great choice for introducing diversity. This book follows a black protagonist on an adventure during his city’s first snowfall.

We Are The Change

Ages 5 and up. 

This children’s book is full of awesome illustrations and inspiring quotes from civil rights leaders that are sure to inspire your little changemaker!

Something Happened In Our Town

Ages 4-8.

Talking to children about traumatic events is difficult, and this book tries to make the conversation easier by following a black and a white family as they discuss the shooting of a black man from their community. This book offers parents notes, guidelines, and resources like sample dialogues to help guide discussions with children.

Enough! 20 Protesters Who Changed America

Ages 5-8. 

This book is a great way to introduce your child to some of America’s most iconic protesters, from Rosa Parks to Colin Kaepernick.

This Book Is Anti-Racist

Ages 6-10. 

A great pick for older pals and parents who want to talk to their kids about racism. This book provides readers with calls to action and real-world examples that help facilitate conversations with your kids.

Resist: 35 Profiles of Ordinary People Who Rose Up Against Tyranny and Injustice

Ages 9-12

This book shares 35 inspiring stories of people who demanded change, and each one has a lesson for kids about how to fight injustice in their own lives.


7 Black Owned Book Stores To Purchase From

  1. Mahogany Books, Washington, DC
  2. Harriet’s Book Shop, Philadelphia, PA (Go Philly!)
  3. The Lit Bar, The Bronx, NY
  4. Ashay By The Bay, Bay Area, CA
  5. EyeSeeMe, St. Louis, Missouri  
  6. Pyramid Books, Boynton Beach, FL
  7. Brain Lair Books, South Bend, Indiana

9 Totally Awesome Black Owned Businesses

One of the easiest, yet, most impactful ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement is to support black businesses! Below, we’ve handpicked 9 Pals-approved black-owned businesses that you and your little one will love! There is clothing, snacks, games, and other fun stuff, so there’s something for every member of the family!

We Are Little Giants

This children’s streetwear brand screams cool and offers jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more awesome gear for your child!

Philadelphia Printworks

This local Philly brand sells hand printed t-shirts that spread messages of social justice, for both kids and adults!

Phenomenal Woman

This badass brand sells t-shirts and sweatshirts that are all about girl power! Match with your little one– these shirts come in toddler, child, youth, and adult sizes!


Shoelaces you don’t need to tie– yes, please! U-Lace encourages people to mix and match different colors to create their own color combinations! If you’re going to have fun mixing it up with Pals inside the shoe, you may as well have some fun on the outside, too.

Partake Foods

Try something new with these all-natural cookies that are also allergy-friendly– it’s a win-win!

Little Likes Kids

This company was founded by a mom who wanted toys for her son that reflected his experiences and background. The toys and games are thoughtful and are inclusive as the kids depicted are from all different backgrounds.

Urban Intellectuals

This company sells different products such as educational games that are perfect for keeping kids entertained AND informed!

Puzzle Huddle

This company was founded by parents who were frustrated by the lack of diverse puzzles for their children. Puzzle Huddle offers puzzles targeted for all different age groups so there’s something for everyone!

House Dogge

From shirts to masks, this brand has fun options for your four-legged furry friend, and all their products are made with sustainability in mind!

Finally, Stay Informed

For anyone looking for more ways to stay informed or more ways to talk to children, we recommend The Conscious Kid on Instagram. This account contains both educational information and parenting advice and is packed with amazing resources for parents.

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